Our Story

Decades of event experience brought us here. We couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you.


WRSTBND was born out of the need for reliable, sophisticated, and flexible technology that can manage some of the country’s largest events.

In simpler terms, we’ve reimagined and revolutionized complex event processes to make your job easy.

From nation-wide music festivals to small fundraisers, WRSTBND is the no-room-for-error partner for seamless event access control, ticketing, credentials, and cashless payments. We’re pioneering integrated RFID and NFC scanning hardware, edge computing, real-time mobile transactions and backend processes – each with the ability to be customized to your event needs and goals.



In order to create cutting-edge event tech, you need to tap into the minds of the people running the show. We are a think tank of experienced engineers, producers, operations and activations teams who have worked on some of the nation’s largest events.

Our collective, on-the-ground knowledge has led to nearly a decade of technology development, all made to bring your operations up to speed.






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