Ubbi Dubbi

Access Control

  • 30,000 attendees each day
  • 40+ RFID scanners
  • 65,000+ RFID scans
  • 30+ Festival Entry Lines
  •  9+ Camping Entry Lines

We brought festivals back in real life after the pandemic with one of the first (and one of our favorites) of 2021—Ubbi Dubbi music festival. The premier springtime festival of Texas, the 2-day festival features a sensory overload of electronic goodness with top-notch visual and audio production hosting thousands every year.  

Reimagining how we can make events safer for our contactless world, we scanned over 65,000 wristbands with our lightweight, transportable, and real-time scanners. We streamlined the over 30+ entry lines with fast and portable RFID scanners that reported logistics to event staff in real time.

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